The Clean Sweep Program

Graffiti vandalism costs New South Wales local government and property owners in excess of $300 million each year. It has been demonstrated that traditional “ad-hoc” hourly or volume based abatement programs are cumbersome to administer, cost prohibitive, lacking in contractor accountability and ineffectual in providing a long-term sustainable reduction in visible graffiti.

Graffiti Clean has designed and implemented Australia’s first complete graffiti eradication program that not only meets the recommended criteria for the effective eradication of visible graffiti but is priced to be readily available to all local governments. The “Clean Sweep” program is a fixed price, high quality solution that is extremely simple to administer and has already been proven to drastically reduce the amount of visible graffiti in some of Sydney’s worst affected councils.

For a presentation on Clean Sweep or to receive an information pack please call 1300 311 322 or e-mail Tim Ritchie at