Woollahra Municipal Council

2006 – PRESENT

Woollahra Municipality is situated in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney occupying a land area of approximately 12 square kilometers.  It is home to 52,000 residents and has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful local government areas in Australia, with stunning harbour beaches and parks.

Woollahra Municipality incorporates many of Australia’s most prestigious suburbs and graffiti vandalism was an ongoing concern to residents, negatively affecting feelings of security and civic pride in the area as well as costing rate-payers many thousands of dollars each year.

Graffiti Clean approached council with its Clean Sweep Eradication Program and was appointed exclusive contractors to Woollahra Council in November 2006 after successfully competing in a tender process.

Within 5 months we successfully completed an initial clean of the entire municipality, cleaning over 20 years of built up graffiti and restoring many of Woollahra Councils worst hit suburbs to pristine condition.  Since the program began we have now removed over 13,000 square metres of graffiti from nearly 5,000 sites.

Resident feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with many residents taking the time to write to council in praise of the program.  Graffiti Clean has recently been reappointed to continue their work for the next 12 months.