Graffiti Clean Gets Even Greener

At Graffiti Clean we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.  We have long utilised an integrated Environmental Management Plan in accordance with the ISO 14001, however we felt that this standard only dealt with the control of the negative aspects of our operation; wastewater, noise pollution and so forth.  But what about sustainability? How could we make our operation even less impactful on our fragile ecosystem?

To this effect we asked the good people at GreenBizCheck for help.

GreenBizCheck is a global technology-based environmental certification program for business.  Their concept helps companies to quickly implement sustainable environmental practices to increase profits, attract new business, conserve energy, water, resources and minimize waste.

Graffiti Clean was provided with a 260+ point online assessment with immediate reporting and action planning.

The assessment incorporated the following sections:

* Energy conservation

* Water consumption reduction

* Waste reduction and recycling

* Transportation and travel

* Supply chain sustainability

* General environmental issues

* Voluntary carbon measurement and offsetting

Points are awarded for compliance and implementation of each element of the assessment (questions have varying weightings to reflect their relative importance and impact).

Following the assessment and as recognition for our efforts toward greater sustainability, Graffiti Clean was awarded the Gold Certification.  This award is reserved only for companies with the highest commitment to environmental sustainability.  Something we are very proud of.

We encourage all businesses to “GreenBizCheck” their operations, click on the logo below and check out the website for further information

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