The Perfect Paint Repair System

Any painter will tell you that paint matching is a tricky business.

When faced with graffiti damage to exterior paintwork, our graffiti technicians had to rely on the dubious paint matching systems available in commercial paint stores with very average results. At the end of each day we would end up with a huge amount of wasted time, wasted paint and (as you can imagine), wasted nerves.

So after 2 years of research (and another 12 months of trial and error) we can finally announce the development of the worlds first mobile paint matching system designed specifically for the graffiti abatement industry. This amazing system allows us to exactly match any paint colour on-site in minutes. We mix only as much as we need to complete the job, so there is no wasted paint which is great for the environment (and cheaper for our customers too!) and the results are nothing short of brilliant.

The system has already been snapped up by Randwick City Council for use in their in-house program with resounding success, and we expect it to become one of the essential weapons in any serious graffiti removal arsenal.

For a demonstration of the system for use in your in-house graffiti program call Graffiti Clean today on 1300 311 322.

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